Online Doctor

Elixir Pharmacy is partnered with Doctor Fox to provide a comprehensive, secure online doctor service, allowing you to get prescription medicine delivered straight to you following a short, online consultation. To get started, select the topic of interest for you from the options below:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the service work?

You must first select the condition you would like to be treated for. You will then be taken to the Doctor Fox website where you will undertake a short, online consultation, followed by selecting and paying for the medication you wish to order.

Your order will then be dispensed and dispatched by the pharmacy team at Elixir Pharmacy and delivered to you.

Are my details and the information I supply secure?

All data is processed directly by Doctor Fox. Doctor Fox do their utmost to provide a secure service. Their website and payment system is independently checked and audited for security risks. For further security, no card details are stored on their website. Additionally, Doctor Fox is signed to the Data Protection Act, so no personal details are passed onto third parties. You can read more about how PharmaDoctor keep your information safe on their Security Policy page.

Why doesn't my order show on

When you order medication using the Doctor Fox online doctor service, your order will not appear on your account. To track your order, you should refer to the emails sent to you from Doctor Fox, or visit the Doctor Fox website. If you would prefer to, you can contact us and we will assist you with any queries regarding your order.