Prescription Services at Elixir Pharmacy

Elixir Pharmacy Prescription Services

We provide a range of prescription Services at Elixir Pharmacy to make living with medication or getting a one-off prescription dispensed as easy as possible for you.

As a distant selling pharmacy, we are unable to dispense NHS prescriptions for you whilst you wait, however we offer a convenient home delivery service, meaning you don’t have to go out of your way to get your medication.

The prescription services we offer include:

The easiest way for us to dispense your mediciation is for your GP surgery to send us your prescription electronically. For this to be possible, you must have nominated us (Elixir Pharmacy) to receive your prescriptions. To find out more about the Electronic Prescription Service and the ways you can nominate us, click here.

If you have a traditional green paper prescription, alike the image shown, you can post it to us so that we can dispense your items and deliver your mediciation to your home. Prescriptions should be sent to: Elixir Pharmacy, 12 Allied Way, London, W3 0RQ.

If you have a private prescription, we can provide a competitive, no obligation quote for your medication. To find out more about obtaining a quote for a private prescription, or if you don’t yet have a signed private prescription, click here.